10 Ways To Push Forward When You Feel Like Giving Up


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There are bound to be setbacks on the path to reaching our goals. Sometimes our circumstances seem so daunting that we feel like calling it quits. In actuality, you may be inches away from reaching your destination, and now is not the time to throw in the towel. Here are some strategies to help you push forward when you feel like giving up.

1. Focus on how far you’ve come

You’ve been working towards a goal for a while and perhaps you have hit a plateau or maybe even endured some set backs. The obstacles can become so frustrating that you figure it’s time to give up on your dream. Before you abandon your mission, take some time to think about how far you’ve come already. Look at how things were when you started and how they are now. Sure, you may have fallen flat a few…

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This Heartbreaks Feels Eternal

I am not sure whether I miss you or the idea of you. I am sad. I cannot concentrate in class. I am stuck in the same university where me and you had many memories, and I see them everywhere. I know what you all are thinking… “DAMMIT Jess, pick yourself up!! Stop sulking its been 8 months!!” I know but I am hurting every time I think about how much he did not love me it hurts, it burns.

I have my good days- I mean moments when I seem to be okay not content but I don’t feel sadness just emptiness. What if I never get over it? At the beginning of the break up I just wanted another boy someone to use to forget about this boy but now.. The only thing I want is to forget about him, about what we had. But forgetting him means being completely alone. I will wake up alone without anything to ponder over and I am scared of that.

I am also jealous he got into a much better university in his hometown he will be surrounded by family and friends to never feel alone but that won’t be the case for me. That breaks me. He broke me. Prior to him I was willing to go out of state discover things but now I just want to be surrounded my friends and family because I am so lonely.

My friends tell me to get over it. I cannot change the past. Maybe thats  what killing me. When I look into the past I see all of the mistakes I made. I see him walking away after telling me he didn’t love me anymore. Why did he walk away so easily???


First week back to….


This was my first week back to college, I feel like I must let you know that I am writing this as I lay in bed, tired, lonely and drained. I thought things would be different. What I mean is that last year u had a boyfriend whom I spend so much time on campus and off that I got used to having him around we broke up but the memories are there. Where? Everywhere in the library of the university where I once saw him after the break up and he quickly scattered. Maybe he was too weak to face me… No to selfish. Well this week has been hard for me. It’s barely Thursday and I already consider this week hard. I miss him or no I miss what we had.. I even broke down while driving because I just could not bare the fact that I am completely and utterly alone. I no longer try to look decent. I’ve given up. On guys. On myself. I’m in this kind of funk that seems to be endless.

This is not how it was supposed to be. I promised myself that during school I was gonna get involved. Make the best of it. Who cares if a boy broke my heart? MOVE ON. But we all know things are better said than done. So here I am at 12 am on a school night still writing about this boy. I know he doesn’t deserve my attention, especially considering what he did and the amount of time that has passed since the break up. But I think this unhappiness stems from the fact that I am stuck here with no friends (didn’t bother making any last year since I thought I would always have my lovely boyfriend by my side.) at a university that I quite frankly don’t like. This isn’t where I wanted to be. I came here for him. But this is where I am and I must make the most of it. Hopefully successfully transfer next year. WHO KNOWS.

I don’t know life is hard. My brain tortures. And I am just trying to make it.

You know what else? Well I’ll tell yall later..

I feel empty…

7ccf3a87db68ef2ffe83a7bd4753f24eThere are good days and then there are bad days for me. Today was a bad day, the whole day I could not stop thinking about a certain boy. He was there in the back of my mind at all times. Even when I was with friends, living it up and having fun.

Sometimes I like to think that there is nothing wrong with not forgetting an ex but when it is to the level in which I am in, it seems insane. I have thought about this boy for 7 months straight, since the split.

He is always there, I play scenarios in my head and I replay moments that we shared together. He was my first love and I am afraid he will be my last.. I don’t believe in love anymore. Once a hardcore believer of love, and now I am skeptical of it.

You don’t understand it is easy to say I will move on but then it happens your heart breaks and the days feel like they are frozen. You make no progress in the process of Moving On. God, I believed in him. In love. Now I am afraid of it. I am afraid that anyone who comes close to me will betray me and leave.

I am also annoyed. Annoyed with myself at the fact that I am not even mad  at him anymore I am just numb.. I am a box full of memories that go on&on and I wish I could stop them.

I will be going back to school on Tuesday, back to the campus where I spent many good times with him and although I have said that I can do it. Today I broke down in the shower because I will go back to this place without him. I will have to have lunch in the same place in which we did and the difference now is I’m alone. He doesn’t get to go through this torturous event as he transferred schools, but I have to endure it and I don’t know how I will…..

I want abs!! I want a healthy body.. But won’t do the work..


I have always wanted abs, but I eat so unhealthy because I am a teenager my whole existence revolves around eating at a fast food place. But it is time to change that I am soon starting my second year of college on August 15th. I am about to shape my body in the way that I always have wanted it to be. I WANT TO FEEL CONFIDENT.

Growing up, I was always skinny due to a fast metabolism but when I reach 16 I was skinny fat, I had lose skin everywhere and it was all caused by the shit I put in my body. I want to change that but I need a plan. I know that healthiness is not determine by your fat percentage or whether you have abs or not but this is something I want to do.

For the summer, I was with my family the whole time and I am Hispanic so you can only imagine what I was having for dinner when I wasn’t going out to fast food places.

My plan is to go eat healthy things such as:




Supplements (Within reason)

Work out:

At least 5 times a week

Who knows if this will work? I have tried and made this same promise to myself only to break it, but I am on my own now. Free to do what I want and you bet I will.

Love, Jess

30 Things To Do Instead Of Falling Back In Love

Yesss!!!!!! I will do these. Will you?????

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When a relationship ends, we forget that the only objective available to us isn’t to get right back into another one. We see a huge, gaping hole waiting to be filled and we assume that it has to be someone else’s mind and heart and spirit that must fit perfectly inside of it. That we’ll just be a little bit empty or a little bit lonely or a little bit undone until we meet someone new – and even if we’re okay with that, it’s a problematic way of looking at things.

Because here’s the truth about that hole – it’s there. It’s real. It’s begging to be filled (spare me the innuendo). But it isn’t in the shape of someone else, it’s simply in the shape of what they offered us – be that stability, excitement, validation or understanding. There are an infinite number of activities, an infinite…

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10 Beauty Lessons You’ll Learn In College

I must utilize these!!!

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You learn a lot in college. You learn a ton from your lectures and your professors, you learn how to coexist with a roommate who might not be your Favorite Person Ever, and you start to learn what your place in this world could be. You might learn that the career you always thought you wanted isn’t for you. You also learn how to do adult things on your own and how to drink your weight in cheap beer.

I learned all of these things in my four years at the University of Minnesota, and I also learned some really important beauty lessons, things that I carry with me even five years after graduation. So whether you’re finishing up your college career or just moving into the dorms, here’s what you need to know.

1. A red lip fixes everything. It really does. If you’re hungover, throw on…

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