Hello world!


Recently I have been listening to this Taylor Swift song named I Wish You Would and I like to model it after my own life. Its been 7 months since I was last in a relationship that did not work out, he was not truthful, most importantly he cheated. I was devastated more with the fact that he did not care, when we broke up he acted cold as if… I don’t know I never understood him and I never will. Also, recently I been think about the fact that I might never forget him as long as I live but why?! WHY must I be the one who cannot move one when he was the one who messed up it is not fair I say. Sometimes I like to think about how it will get better but I am soon to go into my second year of college and guess what? I’ll be completely alone! And that scares the crap out of me: being alone. You know what? I have to do it. I have to go on if there is one thing that I have learned on these 7 months of missing my ex is that time waits for no one and I must go one. I must have the time of my life at a university I really would rather not be at, I must work towards my career and I must work on bettering myself. I like to give a lot of advice but when it comes to taking it I suck. If I was giving advice to a girl in the same situation I would say: Stop it! Stop feeling freaking awful about yourself, so what if it did not work out with this person? Go and live your life. Travel, experience things that you want to do. Love yourself, make yourself happy and please do not depend on a boy for happiness. I hope of anyone reading this is going through the same thing just know that although you might not believe it, it gets better. (I’m also trying to believe it)

Love, Jess


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