Hello my name is Jessica Alonso I am currently a sophomore at a public college in Texas. I am studying Chemistry although I am thinking about changing to Biochemistry. I think I want to be a doctor, I know I should be more sure but my mind is everywhere right now. I will use this blog to talk about how I feel or the things I like. I like to dance, read, work out, and be silly! My favorite website is Thought Catalog, when I feel like no one understands me I usually find a article that explains exactly how I feel. I really should have started this blog months ago, hm I lost myself. I was in a relationship with someone who I though I would marry and well it did not work out and it made me feel like the saddest version of myself. This is how I should’ve handled it. I will use this website to talk about everything: family, love, life, challenges, etc

Love, Jess


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