10 Beauty Lessons You’ll Learn In College

I must utilize these!!!

Thought Catalog

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You learn a lot in college. You learn a ton from your lectures and your professors, you learn how to coexist with a roommate who might not be your Favorite Person Ever, and you start to learn what your place in this world could be. You might learn that the career you always thought you wanted isn’t for you. You also learn how to do adult things on your own and how to drink your weight in cheap beer.

I learned all of these things in my four years at the University of Minnesota, and I also learned some really important beauty lessons, things that I carry with me even five years after graduation. So whether you’re finishing up your college career or just moving into the dorms, here’s what you need to know.

1. A red lip fixes everything. It really does. If you’re hungover, throw on…

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