I want abs!! I want a healthy body.. But won’t do the work..


I have always wanted abs, but I eat so unhealthy because I am a teenager my whole existence revolves around eating at a fast food place. But it is time to change that I am soon starting my second year of college on August 15th. I am about to shape my body in the way that I always have wanted it to be. I WANT TO FEEL CONFIDENT.

Growing up, I was always skinny due to a fast metabolism but when I reach 16 I was skinny fat, I had lose skin everywhere and it was all caused by the shit I put in my body. I want to change that but I need a plan. I know that healthiness is not determine by your fat percentage or whether you have abs or not but this is something I want to do.

For the summer, I was with my family the whole time and I am Hispanic so you can only imagine what I was having for dinner when I wasn’t going out to fast food places.

My plan is to go eat healthy things such as:




Supplements (Within reason)

Work out:

At least 5 times a week

Who knows if this will work? I have tried and made this same promise to myself only to break it, but I am on my own now. Free to do what I want and you bet I will.

Love, Jess


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